Our Vision.

Our vision is to completely change the way people think about and use finance.
In the next 20 years we want the ordinary person to not only understand the benefits of equitable finance, but to demand it.
We want to disrupt the market to such an extent that nobody will want or accept traditional debt-based finance anymore. Because everybody will want this instead.

Meet the team.

Raza Ullah

Raza Ullah

CEO & Founder
Salman Hasan

Salman Hasan

Chief Legal Officer
Ahsan Ahmed

Ahsan Ahmed

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Our Ambition.

Primary Finance was set up to provide a better solution to home financing than the traditional mortgage model. We aim to achieve this by providing a completely ethical product that is fair to all parties, and using technology to deliver a great customer experience.
We aim to provide homebuyers with the fairest and most affordable finance solution, by taking what we deem to be inequalities within traditional mortgage contracts and improving upon them.
Through this approach we believe we can provide homebuyers with a very competitive rate of finance, with a fairer and more flexible approach than a traditional mortgage, whilst at the same time protecting homebuyers’ interests.
The longer term ambition is to remove entry barriers to first time buyers and become the solution of choice for home-buyers from any background.
Although we're a small team, we know that our financial products could have a big impact on the community so we'd love to hear from you. We welcome ideas and assistance from anybody who would like to get involved. Please contact us if you want to help!