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The next investment window is scheduled for 1st May 2023

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Please note, when registering your interest, you will be prompted to log in or create an online account with us before being directed to our investor declaration form. This is required in order to open a GYS savings account with us.

Invest with us and be part of our success.

Our fundraising is designed as a virtuous cycle. If we unite to support each other, we can reap the rewards together.
Phase 1 was extremely successful, and we have already paid most of it back – after just 1 year.
You can now invest in our phase 2 fundraiser and get fast-tracked through our waiting list.
We aim to feed a homeless person for each sign up we get, as a way of showing our appreciation.
Grow your savings Your savings are being eroded due to inflation. You could put your money to work and grow your savings instead.
Get prioritised By investing, you and your children can skip ahead of the public waiting list (currently around 5 years long)
Be part of the vision This is a unique opportunity for you to be part of our mission to eliminate debt and interest. Be part of our success and make a difference!
Look after your future Our joint efforts today will enable you and your children to buy a home in a way that is affordable, and free from the burdens of debt and interest.

Opportunity worth exploring

How it works

Our six-step process makes investing with us simple.

Your bank account savings are losing value

Inflation is eroding the value of your savings. Practicing Muslims must also give 2.5% of savings away each year in zakaat
Instead you could grow your savings tax-free* and zakaat-free.
*Subject to status

Investment options that work for you

Exact profit rate may be higher or lower subject to profitability conditions.
If you need to exit your investment for any reason, you can submit a request to us. We recommend giving us 3 months' notice for us to consider your request. Investment exit may be subject to Primary Finance securing replacement capital, or homebuyers purchasing equity in their properties, whichever is sooner. If in doubt seek financial advice.
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Grow your savings with Primary Finance!


Each property financed is protected by a legal charge to the benefit of the portfolio company - which is owned by you. The shares you receive give you a portion of any profits made, and make you a part of our success.

Priority Waiting List

By investing, you and your children can join our priority waiting list to take out our ethical home finance product ahead of the general public. The general waiting list is around 5 years long currently.

Halal returns

This is a shariah-compliant investment opportunity, offering halal returns. There is no debt or interest or any other forbidden mechanisms involved at any point in any of our products or services.

Tax-free growth

Subject to status. If you do not have any other dividend income your returns will be tax-free up to £2,000 per year. That means you can invest up to around £180,000 and not have to pay any tax on your savings!

Uncapped potential

Typical bank savings accounts currently pay around 0.01% gross (even lower after tax), and for Muslims the interest must be paid as zakaat. With us you can keep all your returns, and they could be tax-free.

3 months' notice

If you need your money back for whatever reason, you can request for us to buy your shares back from you. We recommend giving us 3 months' notice for this. See our FAQ's for more information.

Hassle-free investment

Put your money to work and leave the rest to us. You don't have to worry about managing the business portfolio or customers, as we take care of all of this. Primary Finance covers its own business costs.

Sadaqah Jaariya

This is a true sadaqah jaariya (recurring rewards) initiative. By supporting it you will be helping us to eliminate riba (interest / usury) with each home purchase we support – even after you exit.
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How we will use the money

When you put your savings in a bank account, the bank lends the money out on mortgages and pays you interest. We do similarly, but in a shariah-compliant way. We are consequently able to give you a higher return, that is completely halal.

Financing properties

  • By investing you become a direct legal owner of the entity administering the funds
  • Fully asset-backed – Each property is directly owned and / or secured with a legal charge to minimise risk
  • Funds are only deployed upon completion for each customer – never before
  • Financing homes and Buy-To-Let properties

Reserves & Admin

  • Around 5% will be held in cash reserves
  • This will be used to help cover the costs of developing and administering the portfolio
  • We always quote returns net of these amounts

The money will not:

  • Be spent on Primary Finance's business or operational costs
  • Be lost if Primary Finance fails - since it is held in a portfolio company owned by you

What makes this initiative so important?

The estimated annual social cost of debt on society is £8.3bn (research performed by stepchange.org). This is an ethical initiative to reduce this mounting social cost.
Our ambition is to eliminate riba (interest / usury) from finance arrangements entirely. But we all need to work together to make it happen.
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “There are seventy-two types of riba (interest / usury), the least of which is like a man committing incest with his mother.”
Classed as saheeh (authentic), Ibn Majah and Al-Hakim.
This is a true sadaqah jaariya (recurring rewards) project. You will be helping to eliminate the burdens of debt and interest – even after you exit your investment!
By working together to support this venture, we can improve our own futures as well as the lives of others.


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Got questions?

How is the priority waiting list structured?
The priority waiting list is ordered by amount given or invested, as well as timing. The more you invest, and the sooner, the higher your waiting list position will be. You should note that if you take your funds out before we provide you with an exit offer you will lose your place on the priority list.
What security measures are in place?
Each property financed will be secured with a legal charge to the benefit of the portfolio company, which is owned by you. A legal charge is the same protection that a bank has when providing mortgages. If anything were to happen to Primary Finance, your money would remain safe within the portfolio company under your ownership.
What is the tax treatment for returns?
Returns are in the form of dividends on the shares you hold. The current tax-free allowance on dividends is £2,000 per year. Therefore, if you have no other dividend income you can invest up to around £180,000 with us and your returns will be completely tax-free!
What is the risk exposure?
Your exposure and return will be related specifically to the portfolio of homes that your capital is used to finance, and each of these will be secured with a legal charge. You will not be exposed to the risk associated with Primary Finance’s wider business operations.
Is this investment shariah-compliant?
Yes – our mudaraba investment structure has been reviewed and approved by Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad (Islamic Council of Europe) in his capacity as independent Shariah scholar. It has also been internally scrutinised and approved by Sheikh Salman Hasan, our in-house scholar.
Who can I speak to for advice?
You can speak to us if you want to obtain further information. If you want financial advice, we can put you in touch with an independent financial advisor who understands this investment product.