Risks to consider when investing in GYS

What do we mean by risk?

The risk rating for this investment is deemed to be low risk. However, we want you to be very clear about “risk” in the context of your investment. To help you, we have put together the following non-exhaustive list of possible investment risks to help you decide whether this investment is suitable for you.

The value of your investment

There is no guarantee of how your investment will perform. The performance of your investment is subject to the performance of the underlying property finance agreements and the security and insurance held over them.

For example:
If a property(s) in the finance portfolio is destroyed or suffers catastrophic damage, and insurance fails to pay out, and The Company is unable to recuperate the loss through other means, then this could result in a reduction in your investment value. The reduction would be based on what proportion the destroyed or damaged property(s) represent of the total finance portfolio.

A decrease in the value of the underlying properties due to market movements will not necessarily result in a reduction in your investment value. This is because The Company’s policy is to offer to sell properties to customers at the original purchase price regardless of property price movements, and The Company has the option to rent properties at market value until the property value recovers if necessary.

Your investment may also be adversely affected by additional risks and uncertainties that are not currently known or are currently immaterial.


Investments constitute private transactions. As such, they are not publicly traded on stock exchanges and may not be rapidly sold or traded. If you wish to withdraw your funds you will need to provide The Company with a minimum notice period, and The Company will need to raise new capital to buy out your investment. Your investment may be illiquid as redemption or further sale of shares within a set timeframe is not guaranteed. Prior to investing, you should consider the possibility that this may be a long-term investment.

No control

Primary HPP PLC will be managed by Primary Finance. Investors will not be able to vote on certain decisions in accordance with the articles of association of Primary HPP PLC.

Key person risk

Primary HPP PLC is dependent on the services of a limited number of key persons, and if the services of such key persons were to become unavailable or irreplaceable, Primary Finance might deem it in the best interest of Primary HPP PLC to appoint an administrator to take over the management of Primary HPP PLC.

Taxation risk

The tax treatment of your investment and regulatory environment in general may change from time to time. You are responsible for understanding and managing your own tax affairs.

Economic conditions

Changes in economic conditions including, for example rates of inflation, political events, changes in law or regulations and other factors can adversely affect investments in general and also your investment specifically.