Support our launch with an Islamic loan and help us make this possible.

We need your support to get started; it is only by working together that we can truly challenge the current interest-based economy and make riba a thing of the past.
You can support our launch by giving us a Qard Hasanah (Islamic interest-free loan) from as little as £1,000. If you do so we will support your home purchase before others, as soon as we have the means.
Anybody supporting us with Qard Hasnah will be prioritised towards the front of our waiting list.
However, the more and the sooner you support us the higher we will prioritise you, as we wish to first support those who have supported us the most.
If you give anything above £10,000 the excess will be reserved for you exclusively and you can have it back immediately upon request, unless you ask us to finance other homes with it.
For the first 2 to 3 years during our launch phase, our services will be available exclusively to those who have helped support our launch with some Qard Hasanah.
£ 500 K
Minimum we need to get started
£ 1 M
Our soft target for launch
£ 5 M
Total we need to raise for a full scale launch
Raised so far of £1m soft target
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What makes this initiative so important?

Imagine being able to buy your home with complete peace of mind, staying 100% true to your values without any compromise.
Imagine not worrying about what will happen if you can't afford your payments; a world where your children have better options for a place to live than you had.
The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “There are seventy-two types of riba (interest / usury), the least of which is like a man committing incest with his mother.”
Classed as saheeh (authentic), Ibn Majah and Al-Hakim.
Our ambition is to eliminate riba from finance arrangements entirely, starting with home purchases. We exist to make this vision a reality; but we need a little help from you to get there.
This is a true sadaqah jaariya (recurring rewards) project. By supporting it you will be helping us to eliminate riba with each home purchase we support – even after we have paid you back!

Why do we need your help?

We have successfully launched our debt-free business model on a private basis.
We are now close to receiving FCA regulatory authorisation to offer our product publicly.
We need to raise £5 million to finance our first set of homes.
We need this track record to attract institutional funding so that we can help you and others buy your homes free from riba.
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How do we ensure you get your money back?

Since we are undergoing regulatory authorisation we are already subject to the FCA's scrutiny and must adhere to strict processes and procedures.
All money raised will be kept in a separate secure account under a Trust structure with you as a beneficiary.

The money we use will be secured against the underlying homes, to the benefit of the Trust, so that it is fully protected.
We will also hold up to 25% in reserves at any one time for every pound we finance, significantly more than most banks hold.

All the Details

Get prioritised

Not only will you be supporting this incredible initiative to help eliminate riba, but we will also prioritise supporting your home purchase ahead of others on our waiting list, which is currently around 3 to 5 years long, according to the amount and timing of your support.

Part of your deposit

If you take out a finance agreement with us, whatever money we have not yet paid back to you will be counted towards your deposit. So you can support this award-winning initiative, and still save towards your new home.

Secure from the start

All monies will be held in a secure Trust account to your benefit until used. For added security we will also hold up to 25% in reserves for every pound we use to finance homes. This is significantly more than most banks hold, and ensures we can pay your money back even in the most remote scenarios.

Community in action

This is an opportunity to come together as one big community, pool our resources together and create a better future for ourselves and our children, free from the burden of debt.

Annual repayments

We will repay your money to you in annual tranches, so that you aren't kept waiting. We will repay your money in line with repayments on our underlying business, or as soon as we get funding to pay you back completely.

Desirable term

We expect to get funding and be able to pay back all of your money within 3 to 5 years.


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Be a part of our family.

We occasionally offer the chance to become a priority customer of ours for life, or as we like to call it, part of the Primary Finance family. Priority membership is usually offered to those individuals who have supported us the most and the soonest.
Priority customers go to the very front of our waiting list and we do everything we can to support them if they ever need help buying a home - after all that's what family does. We also process priority customer applications with our best available rate, exclusive to priority customers.
Please note all of our current priority spaces are now filled. Watch this space however, as we hope to offer more spaces soon!

Got questions?

Is it really worth me supporting this? 
Imagine any idle money currently sitting in your bank savings account and not being used. If you took a thousand pounds (or possibly more) out of it for the next few years perhaps the impact on your life may not be significant. Now imagine being able to live the rest of your life without the burden of debt over your shoulders, never having to worry about the security of your home, and passing a debt-free legacy on to your children. The impact of that on your life could be enormous! We believe that is a future worth supporting with whatever idle money you have, and we hope you will agree enough to support us. Remember, we will pay your money back as it is a loan and not a donation.
I don’t need home finance. What do I get from supporting this?  
Even if you don’t need finance to buy your own home, it is more than likely that some of your close friends and family members do. It is also more than likely that any children you or your loved ones might have will need finance to buy a home in the future too. By supporting this initiative you can help bring about a brighter financial future for those people you hold dearest, and society as a whole.
Will I get a signed agreement if I give some Qard Hasanah?
Yes. You will receive a draft agreement immediately to your email inbox, and a final signed agreement once your payment clears and gets marked as paid.
What happens if I need my money back?
If you request all or part of your money back we will do our best to return it to you as quickly as possible. However, anything you give in excess of £10k will be reserved for your exclusive use, unless you specifically ask us to use it for financing other homes. Therefore if you need it back we will return anything reserved for you immediately upon request. If you withdraw part of your money leaving a balance below £10,000 within five years, you will lose your priority customer status. However, your priority customer status will not be affected by amounts we repay to you as part of our repayment plan or by you taking out finance with us.
Why not just seek institutional funding rather than raising money in this way?
Institutional funding is an option we are already considering and discussing. However, we first want to give our amazing community of supporters the chance to support this initiative so that we can help them before anybody else. This will also enable us to have more meaningful conversations at the institutional level and be able to get funding without having to compromise on any of the ethical values that define us.
Does giving qard hasanah guarantee I will get finance if I apply?
Not necessarily. All finance is arranged subject to our eligibility criteria being met. Please see the FAQs under the How It Works page for information on eligibility criteria.